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As she grew older and the extracurriculars demanded more time, Ence chose to focus on dance alone. “Dance was a form of relief and release.” She went on to become a modern-dance major at the University of Utah.After her second year of college, Ence spent a summer in Los Angeles, taking auditions and dancing for two agencies. “What I realized out there is there’s always someone who looks just like you and dances just as well as you, if not better, and there’s always someone younger coming up,” she says.The couple moved to Santa Cruz in 2012, and Ence worked in a local coffee shop before passing the Level-1 certificate course and taking a coaching position at Cross Fit West Santa Cruz.Still, it wasn’t until the fall of 2013 that she decided to commit to training as a Cross Fit athlete.The youngest of four siblings, Ence grew up in the dance studio, spending her childhood studying ballet, jazz and musical theater alongside softball, soccer, gymnastics and swimming.“I’ve always wanted to be good at everything,” she says.“I’ve literally watched that video so many times because the clean is so sexy,” the 27-year-old says, laughing.“It was just gratifying, and it proves that I was at the Games because I was supposed to be there and I earned it.

Competitors to each side sported sunglasses to block the California sun's piercing gaze; Ence, a rookie, had none.Ence made it through the final round of auditions, though it turned out Le Rêve didn’t have a role for her.When she returned to Utah, she decided to keep training, joining Ute Cross Fit in August 2009.In 2012, she made a decision that altered the course of her life.Her boyfriend (now husband), Marston Sawyers, was offered a position on the media team at Cross Fit Headquarters.

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“One of the biggest things [dance] has given me is total body awareness,” she says.

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