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As the EU's membership has since expanded in 20, with further expansions envisaged, the common face of all euro coins from the value of 10 euro cent and above were redesigned in 2007 to show a new map.This map showed Europe, not just the EU, as one continuous landmass; however, Cyprus was moved west as the map cut off after the Bosphorus (which was seen as excluding Turkey for political reasons).Six fine lines cut across the map except where there is landmass and have a star at each end – reflecting the twelve stars on the flag of Europe.Across the map is the word EURO, and a large number 2 appears to the left hand side of the coin.The coins have been used from 2002, though some are dated 1999 which is the year the euro was created as a currency, but not put into general circulation.The reverse (used from 2007 onwards) was designed by Luc Luycx and displays a map of Europe, not including Iceland and cutting off, in a semicircle, at the Bosporus, north through the middle of Ukraine and Belarus and through northern Scandinavia.Cyprus is located further west than it should be and Malta is shown disproportionally large so it appears on the map.The map has numerous indentations giving an appearance of geography rather than a flat design.

The €2 coin is the coin subject to legal-tender The coin dates from 2002, when euro coins and notes were introduced in the 12-member eurozone and its related territories.Bertha von Suttner, a radical Austrian pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, as a symbol of Austria's efforts to support peace.The Austrian flag is hatched below the denomination on the left hand side. SECOND SERIES: A redesign to include the letters BE (standing for Belgium) beneath the monogram, which was moved out of the stars into the centre circle but still to the right of the King's renewed portrait.The designer's initials, LL, appear next to Cyprus.Luc Luycx designed the original coin, which was much the same except the design was only of the then 15 members in their entirety and showing border and no geographic features.

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