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All you need to know is she is the Kendall to my Kim #morelikesisters Fun Fact : She studied abroad like everywhere in college and came out with some incredible stories and I am super jealous.Also she is the best photographer in the family, she knows your angles better than you do! I just got to celebrate next to Natalie as she got married and I am so happy she is returning the favor.I am a pretty hard person to surprise, mainly because I am nosy. So when it came to getting engaged I always figured I would know, that I would have some hunch. I was in the crappiest sweats, no makeup and soaking wet from the rain.Spee had mentioned wanting to do a date night, but I was wet dog status on the sofa and it was pretty torrential out there so we decided to stay in and order food.

I very vividly remember being on the phone with Genevieve one month later and telling her , "I'm done" and she said "what do you mean? " and I said "dating, I'm done dating , this is it" Now almost 3 years later , we have an amazing life, great friends, awesome family , our own house and best of yet a whole future ahead of us. I was running errands all day with my soon to be Mother-In-Law , getting ready for Christmas.One of my very first friends and I know will be a forever friend!Fun Fact: We lost touch for a long time after I moved to Staten Island but Facebook brought us back together! I remember her coming home from the hospital and it has been so great watching her grow up Fun Fact : At 12 years old it seemed a good idea to make me her godmother :) I think its working out! If you know us on fb you have seen all the terrible haircuts and outfits we've had to endure.Fun Fact: I knew Stacey, well Anastasia , way before I knew who Spiro was. (Actually4 of us did : Me, Stacey, Barbara and Genevieve! It was a crazy place but led me to one of my best friends.To say we have been through and seen it all is an understatement. We grew up two houses away from each other on the famous D-Block!

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All of a sudden I was ugly crying and shaking my head in disbelief.

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